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Stella Organic Hazelnut Nectar Vegan Dark Chocolate 100g

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Enjoy this silky-smooth vegan dark chocolate that's made with 15% hazelnuts and the finest organic Swiss 43% dark chocolate. The best part? This chocolate isn't just vegan, it's also made of organic ingredients, so you can dive into pure chocolate bliss with each delicious bite. 

Organic Sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic cocoa mass, organic hazelnuts, organic hazelnut croquant (organic cane sugar, organic hazelnuts), inulin, organic vanilla pod.

Store in a cool (16-18°C), dry and odourless place. May contain milk, hazelnuts, almonds, and peanuts, All ingredients are from organic farming.

About Stella Chocolate 

Stella Chocolate from Switzerland prides itself in being one of the leading manufacturers of chocolate. Vegan chocolate that's both smooth and tasty are rare in the chocolate industry. However, Stella chocolate has created a delicious blend of vegan chocolate that's sure to tantalize your tastebuds.