Gullon Gluten-Free Chocolate Biscuit Sharkies 250g – Karstel
Gullon Gluten-Free Chocolate Biscuit Sharkies 250g

Gullon Gluten-Free Chocolate Biscuit Sharkies 250g

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These yummy gluten-free chocolate biscuits are perfect with milk or on their own. They are also lactose-free, nut-free and egg-free and contains high oleic sunflower oil which is beneficial to your body. 

Ingredients: Corn starch, sugar, vegetable oil (high oleic sunflower), corn flour, potato starch, rice starch, cocoa powder, glucose and fructose corn syrup, rice flour, rice bran raising agents (sodium and ammonium bicarbonate), salt, emulsifier (soya lecithin), vanilla flavoring.

About Gullon

Founded in 1892, Gullon is Europe's leading biscuit manufacturers and among the leading food groups in Spain. 

Gullon's gluten-free biscuits are suitable for individuals suffering from Celiac Disease – where the body has an allergic reaction to gluten and characterized by the inflammation of the mucous membranes, which can lead to malabsorption of nutrients as well as more serious intestinal lesions.