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GoLightly Sugar-Free Tropical Candy

GoLightly Sugar-Free Tropical Candy

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Tropical fruity flavors to keep you satiated throughout the day. Pick from peach mango, strawberry kiwi, passionfruit and more. 

Polyglycitol Syrup, Citric Acid, Pina Colada Flavor, Strawberry Kiwi Flavor, Peach Mango Flavor, Passion Fruit Flavor, Color [May Include FD&C Yellow 5(E102), FD&C Red 40(E129), BP-30/ Beet Powder(E162), Yellow Riboflavor(E101), Annato(E160b), Titanium Dioxide(E171)], Sucralose (Splenda(R) brand)

About GoLightly

GoLightly is one of the oldest sugar-free confections in America and sweetens their candy with Splenda. There may be other sweeteners in the market but Splenda is by far one of the tastiest with no aftertaste, no known side effects and no effect on carbohydrate metabolism.

GoLightly's candy contains 0 grams of carbohydrates making it safe for diabetic individuals and perfect for those pursuing a healthy lifestyle.