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Em-eukal Sugar-Free Sage Candy 50g

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Dr. Soldan's Em-eukal candies are a perfect soothing treat. These candies are made with sage extract to bring relief to sore throats. It also contains vitamin C to help boost the immune system.

Ingredients: isomalt; acidifier citric acid; Vitamin C; Sage extract 1.2 g / 100 g; stained with: beetroot concentrate; Sage oil 0.05g / 100g; Lemon oil; Sweeteners: sucralose. 

About Em-eukal by Dr. C Soldan Sugar-Free Candy 

Over 115 years ago, Dr. Carl Soldan – a German pharmacist and medical officer – had a knack for innovation and a passion for developing quality products. After years of hard work, he created Em-eukal® cough drops – a premium product with a unique blend of menthol and eucalyptus. In 1989, the company was also one of the first companies to have cough drops that were sugar-free and sweetened with isomalt. 

Since then, the company has continued to develop over 1,000 recipes using high-quality and natural ingredients. These drops are now supplied worldwide to millions of people.